Junior Elective
in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Course Director – Victoria C James, MD

Course CoordinatorChristina Sanford

Course Goals

  • To acquaint students with dx, tx, and follow-up of patients with head and neck cancer, otologic and laryngeal disorders, and pediatric and cosmetic/reconstructive problems.
  • To provide students with exposure to clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the head and neck.
  • To review and enhance the students knowledge of head and neck anatomy, and laryngeal and auditory physiology.
  • To train students to perform a detailed head and neck exam.
  • To allow students to act as interns with a surgical subspecialty.

Course Setting

Outpatient setting at the Hampton Oaks (community based) and Shands ENT Clinics. Inpatient and surgical care at Shands Hospital. Students rotate with the otolaryngology residents participating in the outpatient, inpatient and surgical arena.