Advanced Otology


The Advanced Otology Fellowship provides training in the diagnosis and management of complex middle and inner ear disorders. The clinical education will focus on middle ear diseases, implantable devices for hearing loss, acute and chronic vestibular disorders. Our training better prepares an otolaryngology residency graduate to perform surgery on extensive cholesteatomas, offer stapes or cochlear implant surgery, and counsel patients with significant vestibular disorders. The Advanced Otology fellow will gain more hands-on experience with larger number of patient volume in order to achieve increased clinical competence in the medical management and surgical techniques of complex ear disorders. The fellow will learn to treat hearing and balance disorders in the setting of significant co-morbid conditions such as speech and developmental delay, learning disabilities, sinonasal pathology, autoimmune/inflammatory disease, neurodegenerative disorders, migraine, and traumatic brain injury. The fellowship emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary care by collaborating with audiologists, speech-language pathologists, neurologists, neuroradiologists, and neurosurgeons.

Goals of the Advanced Otology fellowship:

  1. Increase clinical competence in the diagnosis and management of complex hearing and balance disorders
  2. Gain experience in addressing co-morbid conditions and providing multidisciplinary care

Clinical Sites:

  1. UF Health Shands
  2. UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital
  3. UF Health Oaks ENT Clinic and Surgery Center
  4. Florida Surgical Center
  5. Children’s Surgical Center
  6. UF Hearing Research Center

Application Process: Advanced Otology Fellowship Program

Academic Year 2023-2024: FILLED


Start Date: July 1, 2024

Duration: 1 year

Salary: post graduate level 6

Licensing Requirements: Florida Medical License is required prior to beginning the fellowship

Fellows Per Year: 1

To apply, please send a CV and three letters of recommendation to:


  1. Patrick Antonelli, MD
  2. Si Chen, MD
  3. Rex S. Haberman, MD
  4. Melissa Hall, AuD
  5. Kristin Letlow, AuD
  6. Katherine Lingis-Gray, AuD
  7. Dana Ulmer, AuD
  8. Susan Nittrouer, PhD
  9. Shinichi Someya, PhD

Current Fellow:

Alberto Arteaga Useche

Alberto Arteaga Useche MD

Advanced Otology Fellow