A message from the Chair: Bill Collins

New Year’s resolutions come and go, as seen by the drastically reduced number of people at your local gym in February compared to January 2nd. To paraphrase Jocko Willink, an ex-Navy SEAL turned author, business consultant, and podcaster, motivation will come and go, but discipline must be constant. Discipline must be an “every day” kind of thing. “Don’t count on motivation; count on discipline.” Fortunately for our patients, our UF Otolaryngology doctors and providers have the discipline to bring their “A-game” every single day. I am constantly amazed to see the great work that our teams continue to provide, regardless of the day, month or season. Through all waves of the pandemic and beyond, our team continues to provide outstanding, high quality tertiary otolaryngologic care to our patients. In large part to their hard work and dedication, we were again ranked nationally in last year’s US News and World Report rankings, and over the last year we have continued to grow and expand even more.  We hope that you will consider voting for us again this year, as we consistently seek to get better every year.

Five Highlights from the Past Year Here at UF Otolaryngology:

  1. UF earns the state of Florida’s first designation as a Center of Excellence for HHT. UF Health designated Center of Excellence for rare inherited condition involving blood vessels | UF Health, University of Florida Health
  2. Pediatric Aerodigestive Team collaborates on some of the region’s most complex pediatric patients. UF Health’s Aerodigestive Program Offers Next-Level Care, Research Aimed at Supporting Pediatric Patients With Aerodigestive Disorders » Inspiring Innovation » UF Health » University of Florida
  3. UF Otolaryngology welcomes our first Advanced Otology fellow. UF Health Brings First Advanced Otology Fellowship Program to North Florida » Inspiring Innovation » UF Health » University of Florida
  4. Researchers, including our own Dr. Patrick Antonelli, investigate a possible link between the use of fluoroquinolone ear drops and tendon ruptures. UF Health Researchers Find Quinolone Ear Drops Associated With Tendon Ruptures » Inspiring Innovation » UF Health » University of Florida
  5. UF Rhinology research efforts accelerate. UF Rhinology Involved in Multiple Clinical Trials for Chronic Rhinosinusitis » Inspiring Innovation » UF Health » University of Florida

US News & World Reports Hospital Rankings 2023

As graduates of our program, we hope that your time here at UF Otolaryngology was a pivotal and important time in your careers, which has served to propel each of you to great success. Please consider voting for us in this year’s Doximity US News & World Report hospital rankings at  You can search for us by any of the following institutional names:

  • UF Health
  • UF Health Shands
  • UF Health Shands Hospital/Children’s Hospital
  • University of Florida
  • University of Florida Health
  • University of Florida Health Shands Hospital/Children’s Hospital

In Memoriam:

We are sad to report that one of our proud residency graduates passed away recently.  Dr. Donald R. Todd, of Gulf Breeze, Florida, passed away on October 3, 2022.  Dr. Todd was a 1969 graduate of our UF Otolaryngology residency program before going on to serve a stint in the US Army as an otolaryngologist. In 1971 he entered private practice in Pensacola, Florida, where he served that community as an otolaryngologist for over 40 years. During his career he served as President of the Medical Staff at Sacred Heart Hospital, as well as maintaining memberships in several different professional medical societies.  His obituary can be found at the link below:

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